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Qi Gong - 氣功

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese art that works with internal Qi energy to maintain health, vitality and longevity. The word Qi means "energy", the word gong means "work".

What is the Qi Gong

First, you must understand what it is Qi - 气. Qi is the energy or force of nature that fills the universe. Generally there are three types of Qi. Heaven Qi - 天气, which radiates a celestial body that acts on the ground (eg sunshine, tide / low tide). Provincial Qi, Qi absorbing space and is influenced by her. One has a human Qi and is influenced by the other two.

Qi Gong, aptly called nei-gong (internal gong) is used in Asia for thousands of years. Used both for improving and maintaining health, as well as gaining strength in martial arts. It is a pillar of Chinese medicine, which is based on a theory Yin - Yang and subsequent efforts to achieve balance. There are four main schools of theory and practice of Qi Gong: Taoist, Buddhist, Confucian and medical. These directions are not mutually exclusive.

Qi Gong has an impact on human health, strengthens muscles, strengthens the entire body. Learn to relax our body and movement. Includes breathing exercises and rest, similar exercises of yoga. Breathing exercises teach us to breathe properly. Proper breathing is very important for our inner energy.

The results of the exercise does not appear after a few years, but already within a few months. There is a mental and emotional balance. People who exercise regularly engaged Qi Gong for a long time, can help not only themselves but also others own internal energy.